Tapio has extensive embedded systems development expertise in a number of industries.

He has an analytical, hands-on approach to solving problems, implementing solutions and rolls up his sleeves to tackle any challenge. SW in C and HW design. Being very mechanically inclined benefits him in developing, manufacturing and support of products. Tapio has great communication skills to interact well with people of all disciplines, a personable character and very motivated self-starter attitude. He has great ability and skills to help with your company's products, for engineering, support and help your company succeed.

Design Solutions * Problem Resolution * Project Management * Client Relations *

Personable * Writing * Specification Development * Team Leadership * Systems Analysis * Microcontrollers * Requirements Gathering * HW/SW Integration * Training/Mentoring


Freelancer in San Diego since 2000 – 1Bit Wireless, Aerotek, Volt, YOH

Clients: Cymer, Agilent, SAIC, Genprobe and several startup companies.

Devices developed: Bluetooth glucose monitor, military blast sensor, car payment inhibitor, shipping damage sensor, blood analyzer, medical cleanliness sensor badge, wireless traffic merge light control, retail golf club sizing fixture, environmental temperature control.

Dexcom – [2014] Continuous Glucose Monitor mfg. – as Sr. SW Engineer, developed and integrated Bluetooth (Low Energy) for a user glucose monitor to send data to smartphone.

Genprobe/Hologic – [2013] Blood instrumentation – as Test Engineer, developed control sequences for DTS (Direct Tube Sampling) robotic arm to perform True positive sample identification of possible diseased blood sample. Writing test specs to validate product.

Cymer – [5 years overall between 2000-2012] Excimer laser mfg. for silicon industry – as Sr. SW Engineer, collaborated with laser scientists to implement new control algorithms, troubleshoot and resolve HW/SW issues, feature enhancements, documentation, manufacturing, support,+. Port legacy SW from obsolete HW to a new HW platform.

SAIC – [2009] Live laser training systems – as Sr. SW Engineer team player, successfully completed the development and enhancements of SW for RF/laser devices, for bids on DOD training contracts (MILES program). Tasks included technical documentation, SW releases, assisting manufacturing by preparing new procedures.

Agilent Technologies – [2008] Medical Instrumentation – Sr. SW Engineer - successfully completed the development of firmware for a prototype RNA extracting blood analyzer for scientist evaluation, consisting of stepper motor control of valves and peristaltic pumps. Device used for remote area disease analysis.

Small/startup client projects – [2000 – 2012] Starting with their need, help specify the requirements and establish a schedule to enable the client to touch their idea. Services includes development of SW, HW, mechanical and documentation.

Products developed include: (ARM Cortex, Atmel AVR, Microchip PIC)

* Military personnel DOD market – explosion detector badge.

* Medical personnel device – cleanliness tracker.

* RF traffic light control – control 200+ RF lights. Temporary traffic lane merging.

* Temperature chamber control – Adjustment of refrigeration evaporator coil temperature, rather than cycling the compressor.

* Network and internet accessible temperature monitoring device (micro internet server), provides real time data to a browser and enable remote retrieval of logged data.

* Truck brake interlock remote control alarm system - allowing the truck engine to run (during winter) and disables anyone attempting to move the truck – Keeloq rolling code.

* Vehicle starter inhibit system - for the financially challenged. If a car payment was not made, the car will not start – Based on Kyocera cellular TCP/IP internet radio, SMS, and Client/Server Jabber embedded instant messaging.

* Disposable RFID shipping sensor - using 3-axis accelerometer. Records history of impact to be retrieved later, used for insurance claims investigation.

* RF wallet card reminder system for consumer and banking industry.

Experience in San Diego since 1996

Cubic Transportation Systems[1998-2000] Leading provider of automatic fare collection solutions to the public transportation industry platform.

Senior Software Engineer - Part of a prominent 3-person team including RF and hardware engineers, developed firmware for an RFID based smartcard reader for public transit fare collection turnstiles.

Proposed solution design and delivered proof of concept for system to read 3 disparate wireless smartcard formats; transformed the design from DSP processor only, to a microcontroller communications front end, which was adopted and led to U.S. and international patent filings (Patent EP1185949 ).

PCPI Systems[1996-1998] Developer of print solutions for worldwide customer base.

Senior Software Engineer - Led team of up to 14 engineers on project to develop a printer for the Korean market. Directed on site client engineers to ensure accurate fulfillment of project milestones/deliverables. Oversaw successful integration and provided a completed product (software, hardware controller, print engine). Project involved integration of Abobe and Korean emulations, resulted in company's first Adobe PostScript Certified printer.


DeVry Institute of Technology, Weston, Ontario, Canada

Electronics Engineering Technology (B.S. Equiv) - Digital & Microprocessors

Thesis: Microprocessor Controlled Home Security System


* Atmel approved AVR design consultant.

* Adept with test and instrumentation equipment and shop tools.

* Mechanical aptitude, hardware design, microprocessor familiarity, ADC-DAC, RS232.

* Problem solving and much more. Please review more detailed list of skills at:

* www.tapiovahamaki.com/skills.doc

Micro C OS-II Operating Systems

UCSD Extensions, San Diego, California


Tapio Vahamaki – 12463 Rancho Bernardo Rd#220, San Diego, 92128 – (858) 722-1963 – tapio.v@gmail.com